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Britannica Academic’s new look!

Britannica Academic has been updated to enhance your user experience and has new content to help address topics of diversity. As always, all of the content is informative and free of bias.

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Learn more about the update!

Download our new Britannica Academic Guided Tour to understand how to navigate the newly updated site. Includes details of our modernised design, improved mobile usability and refined experience for personal saving of content.

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Research Guide for Learners

Britannica’s expert team have created a  digital research guide to support and develop academic students’ research skills. Includes step-by-step guidance on approaching individual projects and supporting, editable resources.

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Promoting Academic Accuracy in a Post-Covid Educational World

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, students around the world are facing many more additional challenges than usual when it comes to sourcing reliable, non-biased information. This session will be focused on promoting Academic Accuracy through the use of Britannica Academic.

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